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We are best known for quality, customer service and being a staple in our community. Our growth has depended on always doing the right thing and delivering on a promise. Quality and Trust. Minnich Poultry settles for nothing less. Our story is amazing and was derived from just that. Being amazing.


Family Based Local Business

We are a family based farm growing locally. We enjoy providing employment in our local area and providing to stores, restaurants and other businesses needing our quality products.



Fresh White Shelled Eggs





* Packed loose or cartons 15 dozen or 30 dozen


Since 1993

History of Minnich Poultry

It all began in 1977 when a neighboring farm went for sale and George and Marie Minnich were contemplating whether to purchase 40 acres for $600/acre.  Corn  yields were 60-70 bushels an acre and the price was usually about $1.50/bu.  George and Marie were both driven to try something new and instead of purchasing the neighbors land, they built one 20,000 bird laying house and began producing nest run eggs on contract for Fort Recovery Equity.

During the 1980's, the love of chickens set in and George and Marie literally 'put all their eggs in one basket'  and began expanding with additional laying hen barns and an egg grading machine.  They became an independent egg producer co-packing for other egg producing companies.

Minnich Poultry now has 2.25 million laying hens with wholesale and retail egg markets as well as co-packing for other producers throughout the United States and internationally.

Eggs provide an opportunity for the entire family to be involved with the farm.  Although their children now have families of their own,  George and Marie's two sons (Dale & Gregg) and two daughters (Pat and Marg) still work together at Minnich Poultry along with five grandchildren.

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